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Keiki Kobayashi  


Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan   


After graduation Toho College of Music, He joined Namco Bandai Games in 1999.


He worked on numerous titles in the Ace Combat series, Disney Magic Castle and others (See “WORKS”)


 “ZERO” in Ace Combat Zero the Belkan War have been performed live on several occasions.


He left Namco Bandai Studios to pursue a freelance career in 2014,  and now he is working on not only video games and animes but in other areas and genres.


Composition combined with movies

Bandsound (drums, bass guitar, guitar, piano and more)

Making full score

Voice recording  direction and coordinate (Japanese and English)


He has achievements in abave areas. And the reproduction of the strings arrengement and orchestra sound that is his area of specialty has got a high evaluation from various quarters.




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